Statement [painting/landscape]
The energy of the natural world is both highly charged and subtle simultaneously. My work is an exploration of the exchange between nature's elements, terrain, plant life and atmosphere. The work begins spontaneously one gesture at a time, editing takes place as the work unfolds. There is a layering and excavation process as I work. Each layer informs the next both concealing and revealing information. As in the natural world randomness and order coexist.

As I am working, I am thinking about how I engage and perceive the natural world. It is not usually in a bucolic way. I am processing the energy below, above and and on the earth. On a grand scale I am referencing the fearlessness of waves, winds, seismic shifts. On a micro level I am considering the energy required for a seedling to eventually yield fruit or the softened edges of sea glass as it is tossed around the ocean over time. 
Statement [collage/botanicals]
My work has always been nature based. “Blooms” is a celebration of the contemporary botanical image. I have used my own dyed and painted papers for these hand cut collages. Choosing to interpret the textures and organic shapes in blue and white is in reverence to the rich history of this color pairing. First in China and later in Europe, blue and white wares were treasured. Taking the bloom formations a step further, I am also pursing multiple color palettes and the inclusion of vintage papers.
Deborah Weiss is a visual artist creating both works on panel and paper. She has exhibited throughout the United States and has been included in several international exhibitions taking place in China, Sweden, Italy, England and Denmark. Weiss’ works are also included in numerous private and corporate collections. She was born in New York and now maintains a studio and residence in Connecticut.
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