Statement [Paintings]
For many years, I was solely a printmaker and in the early years exclusively a woodcut artist. As I found my way to painting, some of the techniques and ways of thinking about process followed me.

Currently my paintings begin with strong gestural sweeps of line on a white background. Linear/visual information covers most of the painting surface (usually a wood panel). I then begin to edit back by removing specific areas of paint until a cohesive composition starts to emerge. I can trace this editing process back to the woodcuts where information is removed by carving out sections to reveal an image or composition.

As I am painting, I am thinking about how I engage and perceive the natural world/the landscape. It is not in a bucolic way. I am processing the energy below, above and on the earth.

Climate, waves, wind and seismic shifts find their way into my work. I intentionally do not seek to capture a specific location, allowing the viewer to reflect upon their own experiences in the natural world.
Deborah Weiss is a painter and printmaker. Both her paintings and prints have been widely exhibited throughout the United States. Her work has also been included in international exhibitions including China, Sweden, Italy, England and Denmark. Weiss’ works are also included in numerous private and corporate collections. She was born in New York and now maintains a studio and residence in Connecticut.
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